Some people define happiness as the absence of bad emotions. It’s that relaxed moment where you are worried about nothing and where you are not feeling bad because of any major problems that could act as a barrier to your happiness.

Luckily most bad moods and even mild depression attacks can be dealt with if people knew the right actions to take. Most people deal with bad moods incorrectly by either escaping from them or by acting as if they are not there while in fact bad moods are just signals sent by the brain to motivate people to improve their lives in certain ways.

In this post I will tell you how to respond to the signal and end these bad moods:

5 ways to combat bad moods and depression

1) Do something! : Taking serious actions is one of the most powerful ways for ending bad moods and depression. Most people lie in bed when they feel bad without being aware of the fact that this is the time where they need to take actions the most. When you take actions you actually tell your brain that are responding to the signal that it sent you and that’s why the bad mood eases.

2) Learn how to live consciously: if at any moment of your life you were worried about your future or sad because of your past then you will never be able to experience real happiness. Conscious living is the ability to enjoy your present moment without letting your mind wander in the past or the future. People who live in the present moment are less vulnerable to bad moods and depression attacks.

3) Write a plan: sometimes your mind needs nothing more than reassurance in order to remove the bad mood. In such a case writing a plan might be the perfect solution to bad mood. When you write a plan you are actually telling your subconscious mind indirectly that you are going to solve the problems that are bothering you and as a result it withdraws the bad mood.

4) Get more self understanding: sometimes people get bad moos because they don’t understand themselves well. When you get to understand yourself more you will realize what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Many people are unhappy just because they don’t quite understand what can make them happy and what’s important for them in life.

5) Understand that bad moods might not disappear overnight: many people mistakenly believe that bad moods should disappear overnight if they did the right thing but that’s completely wrong. Even if you started solving the main problem that caused your bad mood still your mood won’t change instantly but instead it will happen gradually as the time passes. Its extremely important to be patient while trying to end your bad moods else you will give up before a significant change happens and your mood will remain the same.

When hot summer days are left far behind and you can forget about melting mascara and smearing liners, it’s time to look for some fresh fall makeup ideas. After all, you cannot wear the same makeup you had in summer during the autumn months. I love fall makeup since it’s all about heavy dramatic eyes, bold lips and warm natural hues. The magnificent colors of the season offer a great variety of new makeup patterns to try. I’ve compiled a list of top 7 fall makeup tips inspired by the richness and royalty of the season Veda Salon.

1. Bold eyebrows and nude eyes
While some women find bold eyebrows a bit masculine, I believe that well-defined brows can easily transform your appearance and set off your best features. Makeup professionals claim that well-groomed brows frame the face and make it more symmetrical. To avoid looking mannish, give your eyebrows a bit arched shape with a brush and eyebrow gel. For sparse eyebrows use soft brown pencil or shadows. Keep your eyes nude with shades of beige and some mascara. This is an absolutely elegant and sophisticated fall look.

2. Smoky purple eye makeup
Another beauty tip you cannot miss this fall is smoky eyes. Swerve from the traditional black and charcoal hues in favor of bright colors. Purple looks perfect with any eye color and it’s one of the most advantageous colors for a glamorous evening look. As a rule, if you opt for distinct eyes, I recommend playing down your lip makeup. But if you want to leave a lasting impression, don’t be afraid to add red color to your lips.

3. Stained lips
This fall you have to give a couple of bold colors a try! Matte, glossy, shimmering… with the breathtaking variety of bold lip colors your lips will truly stand out. I usually opt for deep ruby colors as they set off my dark brown eyes and tanned skin. Rosy blush completes my makeup. Obviously, this fresh and vibrant makeup makes a contrast with the golden season, but who says we cannot break the rules?

4. Rose gold makeup
Rose gold makeup is the best way to embrace the last warmth of the autumn days. This kind of makeup is soft, chic and completely autumnal since it combines the crispness and the warmth of the season. While copper or bronze hues may look too orange on certain skin tones, gold looks fabulous on all skin tones. Cover your eyelids with rosy shadows and apply gold eyeliner to your upper and lower lashes. You can also blend rosy and golden hues for more striking effect . Rose gold makeup is one of fall’s biggest trends so don’t miss it!

5. Dramatic cat eyes
While cat eye makeup is utterly universal and perfect for any season, it looks especially stunning in fall. Define your eye shape and understand what type of lines suit you best. Cat eye makeup is especially beneficial to close set eyes as it visually elongates your eye shape. For more dramatic look, use false eyelashes or apply thick layers of mascara. Not only will it add some intensity, but it will also give an eye lift effect. Cat eye makeup is classy and timeless and it’s appropriate for office and a night out.

6. Classic neutrals
One of the greatest benefits of wearing a nude makeup is that anyone could opt for this minimalistic makeup and still look fabulous. To begin with, hide all the imperfections with a light foundation and remove the excess luster with powder. Apply a highlighter to the chin, cheekbones and forehead. Instead of using mascara I simply twist my eyelashes with tongs and apply shimmering shadows under the brows and in the inner eye corners. It literally opens my eyes and makes them look more appealing. Keep your lips simple or apply a little bit of lip gloss to the center of your lips.

7. Subtle brown shades
This fall don’t forget about seductive, warm brown shades. Mild brown shades are perfect for almost all skin tones. Apply dusty brown shadows all over your upper lid and contour your eyes with deep black eyeliner. For more distinct look you can color the lower waterline and then cover your lashes with a few coats of brown mascara. For an overall warm look, use bronzer and copper lipstick.

So, ladies, there you have it! All of the biggest makeup trends for fall 2014 hong kong tourism. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should follow these trends only. Fall season is very unpredictable and changeable, just like our mood. Fall makeup is changeable as well. Sometimes it’s flirty and subtle, and sometimes it’s rather fierce. Choose what you like but don’t overdo it. What’s your favorite fall makeup look?


It’s unclear whether Ng began his work on Deeplearning.ai while still an employee at Baidu. According to data pulled from the Wayback Machine , the domain was parked at Instra and picked up sometime between 2015 and 2017.
Registering that domain to Baidu accidentally would be an amateur mistake and registering it intentionally just leaves me with more unanswered questions. I’m left wondering about the relationship between Baidu and Deeplearning.ai — and its connection to Andrew Ng’s departure. Of course, it’s also possible that there was some sort of error that caused an untimely mistake.
UPDATE: Baidu provided us the following response.
“Baidu has no association with this project but we wish Andrew the best in his work.”
Ng left the company in late March of this year, promising to continue his work of bringing the benefits of AI to everyone . Baidu is known for having unique technical expertise in natural language processing and it’s recently been putting resources into self-driving cars and other specific deep learning applications.It makes sense that Ng would take advantage of his name recognition to raise a large round to maximize his impact on the machine intelligence ecosystem. I can’t see a general name like Deeplearning.ai being used to sell a self-driving car company or a verticalized enterprise tool. It’s more likely that Ng is building an enabling technology that aims to become critical infrastructure to support the adoption of AI technologies.
While this could technically encompass specialized hardware chips for deep learning, I’m more inclined to bet that it is a software solution given Ng’s expertise. Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a splash back at I/O last month when he discussed AutoML — the company’s research work to automate the design process of neural networks. If I was going to come up with a name for a company that would build on, and ultimately commercialize, this technology, it would be Deeplearning.ai.
“This is super speculative, but I think it might be an AI tool to help generate AI training data sets or something else that will accelerate the development of AI models and products,” Malika Cantor, partner at AI investment firm Comet Labs told me. “I’m very excited about having more tools and platforms to support the AI ecosystem.”
Prior to his time at Baidu, Ng was instrumental in building out the Google Brain Team, one of the company’s core AI research groups. Ng is a highly respected researcher and evangelist in the AI space with connections spanning industries and geographic borders. If Ng truly believes that AI is the new electricity, he will surely try to position Deeplearning.ai to take advantage of the windfall.
We’ve reached out to both Baidu and Andrew Ng and will update this post if we receive additional information.