Happiness is to wake up in the morning, see the reenex sunlight just fell pillow. You can not hurry up, hide in bed listening to the mother in the kitchen softly busy, not a fried egg fragrance filled the whole room.

Happiness is wearing a white cotton dress dermes walking in the dusk of the evening, after a video store just sounded a first returning to old songs. Then stopped the footsteps of the song to listen, many beautiful distant memories in my mind gradually clear.

Happiness is a dull weekend, the man in the street corner meets the first love, not too many words, just politely asked him whether unscarred, then introduces to he stood beside me and hold my hand.

Happiness is after dinner elyze sit cross legged on the bed a stitch knitting a light blue scarf, think in the heart he wore a scarf look -- it must like a bear, he couldn't help laughing out loud.

Happiness is happy when someone accompany go out to eat the dinner, sad when a man patted his shoulder and handed him a cup of hot coffee and indecision is like a lighthouse to illuminate my way direction, tired, tired and found that someone has been quietly tarried not far away.