This story happened in a garden long ago.There were many water vats in the garden.A group of boys were playing there.One of them said it was a good place for playing games.They began at once.They played happily for a long time.Suddenly someone shouted"Come!Come!A boy has fallen into a vat."

    All the boys ran away except a small one.His name was Si-maGuang.He was then only eight years old.He thought he should save the boy's life.But he was too small,he could not see the inside of the vat.At that time,nobody would help him.He hurried towards the large vat,and broke it with a big stone.The water came out of the vat at once.When there was no water in it,he pulled the boy out through the hole.The small boy's father and mother and other people came and saw the small boy talking to Si-ma Guang.They were all pleased very much.They came forward to Si-ma Guang.T

hey praised him for his quick-wittedness and said he was a clever boy.